Portable Swab Trailer & Tank Trucks


Portable Swab Trailer

Open top tanks with 10 m3 capacity

Similar to our tank trucks these units carry 150’ of 1,350 psi hose on a hydraulic reel making rig up time extremely quick with the versatility of working on multiple wells in the same day.


Tank Trucks

These units are tandem axle units equipped with 16 m3 tc 406 tanks.

Each unit has 150’ of double strand 2” 1,350 psi hose on hydraulic reels.

These units work in conjunction with our swabbing units or alone when bleeding down pipelines and flowing loaded plungers to surface.


Tridem Tank Truck

We now offer tridem tank trucks complete with 22 m3 TC406 tanks.

This unit work great in conjunction with swab units or work alone units for blow down or flowback operations.