Equipped with braided dyform line rated at 11,400 lbs working load. Our units are capable of all slickline and swabbing operations from 1.90” tubing to 7” casing to a max depth of 7,500 m.

Our unique saver system allows us to perform all slickline and swabbing operations up to 5.5 mpa (800 psi) while still maintaining well control. This allows for a much higher success rate of retrieving bottom hole assemblies such as bumper springs, tubing plugs, WR plugs, tool strings and parted pumps. This also allows swabbing down line eliminating any greenhouse gas emissions.


Our Dyform units are fully slant capable c/w 25,000 lb engineered derricks with a working height of 48’.  The design of our rigs enables us to spot the unit up to 12’ from center of jacks to center of wellhead. This eliminates the need for moving barricades set around well heads, removing tech fence, and gives the operator multiple options of where to set up based on different lease conditions. Because of this design we are able to save time with rig up and are normally set up within 10 minutes of spotting the rig.

Equipped with all mechanical slickline tools from basic overshots, gauge rings, nipple brush, wax knives, tubing and casing broaches, stroke bailers, impression blocks, tubing perforators, hydraulic jars to specialty tools designed in house for various fishing needs. These units are all tri axle units capable of meeting 70% road allowance.  These units are equipped with N2 for directive 33 compliance.


Telescoping Mast

Our new telescoping mast units house split drum for slickline and braided line operations.  These units work standalone or with service rig applications for fishing and all mechanical wireline operations.  Mast tip height is 60 ft with the ability to spot 16 ft from center of wellhead to center of jacks.